But he spoke to me! Personally!!!

But he talked to ME! Image by Michelangelo & someone else

But he spoke to ME! Image by Michelangelo & someone else

Yes, The Baby Humanist is still here. She’s been unforgivably negligent about her blogs, including this one, and still needs time to get her shit together and start writing again in earnest. She also wants to rework this blog. So much has happened! (Oh, dear.)

That said, here’s a video that she simply can’t allow to fall through the cracks. She’ll be blogging on the subject next week; until then, here it is (feel free to comment, but be nice).


I was planning to use this video as a jumping-off point for instances where people are positive they’ve heard instructions from God and yet God has told them something different from what he’s told others. Case in point: The GOP Presidential candidates, all but one of whom are running on God’s personal recommendation, or so they claim. So I WAS going to head into the topic of discernment.

But David’s comment below (YOU HAVE TO CLICK ON “COMMENTS”) sent me in a whole ‘nother direction: the plethora of Protestant churches with mutually exclusive doctrines that all follow only the Bible. Oh yes, and also on how the accidental leader of the Protestant Reformation kind of gave Adolf Hitler a lot of juicy material.

There is a great deal more to be said on these, but my answer to Dave is enough for now.



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